October is National Orthodontic Health Month

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For some youth, orthodontics is necessary because braces improve teeth movement correction, prevent jaw pain, and make chewing easier. That’s why National Orthodontic Health Month, which takes place in October, is an important initiative that is observed annually by communities of all sizes. Dr. Dennis Halford, a premier Orthodontist in Sugar Land plays the role of advocate by continuing to urge young people to brush, floss, and take good care of their teeth and gums.

Braces are a Necessity for Some Children

As a parent who wants the best for their child, there are distinct advantages of orthodontics. For example, braces improve the cleanliness of a young person’s teeth. It may not seem that way at first because of the wire and brackets.

Once all the metal has been removed, however, it’s far easier to care for straight teeth. Your child can brush and floss easily and regularly. It’s their best defense against tooth decay.

When teeth are not properly cared for, the bacteria builds up and causes serious infections in the throat. Clean, straight teeth are an asset. They improve your child’s health and reduce the chances of them becoming ill because of their oral health.

Young people who have serious dental issues suffer because of them. Their teeth can cause them a great deal of physical and psychological harm. The sooner action is taken on behalf of a child, the better because braces address the issues that are a problem for them.

Why Braces are Beneficial

Braces help correct misalignment of teeth. If the child has an overbite or underbite, it can cause them significant dental issues as they get older. It can cause difficulties speaking and eating as well as damage different areas of the mouth due to excessive wear.

When teeth chip or crack, they are prone to decay and other oral health conditions that could cause great harm to the patient. Speaking to the orthodontist about bite issues and how to correct them is the first step in maintaining good oral hygiene. In addition to being physically beneficial, straight teeth also have psychological value to people.

Boosting self-confidence is yet another benefit of having straight teeth. It helps children speak and relate to others with greater ease. It gives them the confidence to put themselves out in the public and take chances professionally and romantically.

Straight teeth have been known to make a person look younger, too. It is the perpetual fountain of youth for many adults. That’s why many parents invest in their children’s smiles as adolescents.

As a parent, you want to give your children a distinct advantage as they age. Having a beautiful smile is a true investment. It improves a child’s appearance and helps them achieve better health overall.

Getting Started is Very Easy

Let October’s National Orthodontic Health Month serve as a reminder to set up an appointment with us right away. You will find Dr. Halford’s many years of experience highly valuable. Consultations and always complimentary and we provide convenient payment plans to make your child’s new smile glowing and affordable.