“If it is of value, others will try to copy it”, Beware.

Isn’t that so true in life?  We see knock offs in clothes, shoes, perfumes, sporting goods, concepts in the cars we drive, and yes in orthodontics.  I know everyone has heard of Invisalign.   In fact, I have been using the Invisalign Brand for 10 years in my orthodontic practice and there is no other clear aligner treatment that can hold a candle to the research and development the Invisalign Company has invested in their product.  The innovations are remarkable and once impossible movements with Invisalign are now possible through the technology incorporated into these clear trays by the size, shape, and location of clear attachments we place on the teeth, and the special placement of torquing contours on the aligners that place positive pressure on targeted points on the tooth for specific movements of these teeth.  And with the continual upgrades in the software to view the stages of treatment as the teeth follow the prescribed progression of movement, all I can say is wow!  What a valuable tool we have to correct misplaced teeth.

Did I say valued?  That means others will try their knock off version and claim that they can do the same thing as Invisalign.  I have tried all the different products in my office and to say they can perform and do the same thing in moving the teeth with the same efficiency as Invisalign is a misnomer.  They may look like a designer’s bag from a distant, but on close inspection, they are not the same in evaluation, treatment planning, monitoring the different stages of treatment, and the actual treatment outcome.  Buyers beware.  Are you really getting the Invisalign Product when you receive clear aligners?

If you are interested in the Invisalign product and not having to take those awful impressions you can contact our office at www.halfordorthodontics.com or you can scan the QR reader for our mobile website, or call us at 281-980-8351, or come by 4503 Sweetwater Blvd and make an appointment to ask about Invisalign and our Itero Scanner that more accurately scans your mouth instead of making molds of your teeth.